Services include daily walks, dog day care and home boarding. Your best friend can come along for a walk, spend the day and play, or an overnight stay while you’re out for the day or on your holidays.


This is what we love to do, give your dog 60 minutes to run, play and explore with his or her friends. We will collect your dog from your home, your place of work or where ever you choose in our fully ventilated, purpose built, securely caged vans. We will be exploring the countryside allowing your dog to enjoy the different environments the outside has to offer. They will have plenty of time to run and play with other dogs, helping to develop social skills.

We ensure that every dog we walk is in a happy and relaxed environment. Dogs will be kept on a lead unless you give written permission that you are happy for them to be off in a safe environment.We walk a variety of routes, ensuring that dogs that walk with us on a regular basis are kept interested and stimulated by lots of new places and smells!

We understand that you want your dog to have the best adventure and we’re sure that sometimes this will include some muddy puddles! We will make sure that we deliver them home towel dried and tired from their adventure.

Insured and licensed business

Limited size group walks – maximum 6
Safe and secure transportation
Reliable service that you can count on
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This includes a pick up and drop home service, and a guaranteed tired dog!

We believe in quality of care for your dog, he or she will be treated as one of the family. All day care services are tailored to your needs. We will collect from your home and deliver them to our countryside day care centre where they will walk, play and socialise all day long, with your dog returned very happy and tired once you’re back from work or at the time arranged. You can have complete peace of mind that your dog has the love and attention they deserve whilst you’re out.
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From the minute you get your new pup home we can help. We offer bespoke care for puppies which includes short walks, feeding and basic training. The formative months are crucial in your dog’s development. We are here to ensure your new addition’s introduction to the world and other dogs is a happy and safe experience.


N.B. We are not currently taking on new clients for this service – only. existing clients.

We offer your dog a true home away from home experience, an alternative environment to kennels. We ensure that we are able to give your dog the best holiday he or she deserves. They are treated as a member of the family, living in our home in the evening and spending the day at our incredible day care centre. We also have hosts families that are able to offer a holiday for your dog, giving them the environment that they are used to.

This service guarantees peace of mind when you are away from home and allows you to relax safe in the knowledge that your dog is happy. We’ll even send updates to your mobile phone or email address!

Fully licensed and inspected by Cheltenham Borough council.


We respectfully request 24 hours